Gleaning from Moses’ Talk with God

God Cares.

 He cares about my pain, my dreams, my needs, my plans, my wants, my hopes, my heart, my life–all of it.

When nothing seems to be going right, when I’m trapped in oppression and depression, God cares. Did you know that even ‘watching’ is a verb? It’s an active thing, it’s something that God does. That was a new thought to me. There are a few verbs that God does that I always pictured as being inactive, I’ve never been more wrong.

The story when Moses encounters God in the burning bush, and God says “I have listened, I have heard, I have seen and I have had compassion” He doesn’t stop there and say ” And now I will take away all the hard things and make your path easy.” He says “Now, YOU , go and do this in my name and I will be with you.”

God tells Moses to go and say and do things and that God will be with him and deliver him IN the obedience.”

I think we expect that rescue from Heaven means no more pain, no more suffering, no more trials, no more struggle….just smooth sailing and happiness. We think that protection and provision needs to be on our terms. When we pray ‘Your will be done in this situation’ what we really mean is ‘God I want this and I know it’s a good idea, so your will must be my will and therefore your will be done, because it’s my will I know it’ I just expect that me working really hard at something means that God will show up the way I want Him to. How many times will it take to learn that no one commands God, that He will show up HOW and WHEN he chooses and that sometimes showing up is listening, watching, hearing and being moved with compassion. Sometimes showing up is giving us the skills and the courage to do the hard things. All I have to do to watch Him show up, is to show up myself.

I don’t know about you, but I’m showing up.

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