Who Do You Say God Is?

Before we can trust, hope, believe or have faith that God has good in mind for us, there’s a central truth that we need to grab hold of. God is who He says He is. There are not many disciples of Christ who would say that the Bible is untrue. Though they may believe on varying extents of it’s accuracy, it’s agreed that it has been remarkably preserved and in it we find the account of who God is. 2 Timothy 3:16 says that all scripture is breathed (inspired) my God. It’s safe to say that the account of who God is, His testimony of Himself, is accurate and truthful–after God cannot lie.

A couple of years ago, I had the privilege of taking part in a course called Believing God by the lovely Beth Moore. In it she posed three essential questions every person needs to think through in relation to what we believe about God.

1) Who do people say God is?

The people around us, and public opinion influence us greatly. Who do those people think God (primarily the Father) is? The answer exists on a spectrum from non-existent to a bully with a stick. In my opinion, it takes more faith to believe that God doesn’t exist and sometimes I wonder if that’s why people who deny Him are so exhausted all the time. Being created in God’s likeness, being God-breathed, we crave Him. To deny that craving or replace it with something else leaves us beyond dissatisfied.

2) Who do you say God is?

Only by taking an honest look at what we truly believe about who God is can we begin to see Him as He really is. We will never have a faith that exceeds the strength of the God we perceive (Beth Moore). The God that I have created in my mind is in the image of man, broken sinful man, and is not an accurate representation of God at all. An improper view of God is an idol and not God at all. I pray to this idea of God, talking at the image I’ve made, and then get angry when the real living God doesn’t do what I think He should. I think for a long time I viewed God as a vending machine. If I put in just the right amount of piety and good deeds then the blessings that I wanted would come out.

Don’t get me wrong! God delights to bless His children. These blessings always come on His terms and in His timing and are ALWAYS better than what we would be willing to settle for.

3) Who does God say that He is?

God says a lot of things about His nature and His character that reveal the heart of who He is. Primarily, He is the Maker of Heaven and Earth. Now, just soak that in for a second. Before you go “Ya, ya, I know that…He made everything”, let’s just think about this for a second. He made EVERYTHING. Every leaf, every pebble, every animal, every person, every star, every planet, He made it all. Every time man makes a scientific discovery, God is cheering us on going “Yea, isn’t that fantastic. I was hoping you’d see it!” Why did He make everything? For His glory and enjoyment. It’s easy for us to think that looking at the Heavens. The swirling galaxies and nebulae are beautiful. They show us how big God is in comparison to how small we are and help us to look at Him in awe.

We miss that He made us for that same reason. God made you because he enjoys you. Scripture says that He delights in us. What’s more, He sent His Son to die that we might enjoy permanent relationship with Him. God is the Maker, the Father, the Healer and the Redeemer. He loves us more than we could ever hope to understand. Take out your Bible, or check out Biblegateway and discover who He says He is. You won’t be disappointed.

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