Fort McMurray Fire–Greatest Fire in Alberta, How YOU can help

I think it’s important to do whatever we can to help people in the face of great loss. I don’t have money but I have a voice and a platform for great reach.

Many of you outside of Canada are likely unaware of a terrible wildfire destroying a City in Canada’s Northern Alberta. As of this morning over 1600 homes have been destroyed and many businesses. Firefighters from all over Canada are being sent to deal with the blaze and what’s left behind. The entire city has been evacuated and is now displaced–sleeping in oil camps, their cars, shelters and some are luck as Canadians are opening their homes and businesses to house singles, families, pets and livestock in this crazy time.

What can you do? I’ve compiled a few links of possible solutions, most importantly the Red Cross is looking for donations to help with the relief efforts , you can find that informations here: Red Cross Looking For Fire Relief Donations

The Edmonton Journal has information on how to help Here

Global News has information for how to help Here

If you are able to house someone or their animals or are looking for assistance, there is an Open Source Fort McMurray Assistance Page on Facebook, Click Here to access that.

Please like and share this post as much as possible to get word out for how to best send help. Thoughts and prayers with all those effected. Stay safe.

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