Every day, I get emails from parents who are terrified because their child has come out as gay. The reports of pastors, televangelists, and other social conservatives warn of a disastrous lifestyle, with promiscuous sex, rampant AIDS, unrepentant sin  — and a certainty of hell — all the worst a parent could fear for their children.

But when parents talk to God about this, they hear a different message, “Relax, your children are fine. They are living as I created them to live.” And when parents talk to their own kids, they find a different situation than the fear-based reports they have heard. “No, Mom, I didn’t choose this. It’s just who I am. No, I’m not promiscuous – I haven’t even had sex. I’m just telling you, I’m gay.”

Source: What Do Woodstock & LGBTQ Have in Common? | IMPACTmagazine.us


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