November 9th, 2016–Snapshots

In a West Coast Canadian University classroom, we’re studying poetry. Our female person of colour professor allotted two hours of class time to unpack our feelings surround the election in the United States.

We were asked to write five scenes that encapsulated our experience. Here is mine:

Livestream Whitney’s Facebook
Human traffic jam
L.A. freeway at stand still
she joins a chorus of young voices shouting
“Peaceful protest, peaceful protest”

Overpass in North Carolina
dawn is breaking
November 9th, 2016
KKK marching in victory
carrying a Trump sign

17-year-old girl of colour
boards school bus in Illinois
“aren’t you supposed to sit at the back now?”
white kids snicker
bus driver does nothing

Canadian hashtag trends
Facebook & Twitter
filled with partially serious solutions

Streaming electoral results in Canada
phone buzzes
Facebook messenger dings
phone buzzes 10 more times
phone rings at 3am
How did this happen?



~~Original Poem by Cheryl Folland

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About cherylfolland

Cheryl graduated​ from Vancouver Island University in 2019 with a BA in Creative Writing. She is passionate about the marginalized and an advocate for those who fall between the cracks of religion and society. She loves books, music and good coffee.

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