Hub City Cinema Society: The Oscars 2017

Unfortunately, the most shocking event of the 2017 Academy Awards will not be fashion, political, or celebrity relationship oriented. The shocker was when Warren Beatty announced La La Land as the winner of Best Picture when he was handed the wrong envelope on live tv. Well, that was awkward.

30 of us gathered at Piper’s Pub, in Nanaimo BC, dressed in our finest to celebrate this season’s best and brightest in the film industry. In the true spirit of the show must go one, Hub City Cinema Society (HCCS) was not going to let a last-minute venue change steal the show.  We were greeted by photographers and a red carpet to get us in the mood. Guests were more than happy to purchase their own food and beverages at Pipers while watching the live broadcast of the Oscars.

During commercial break, an Oscar themed trivia game gave guests the chance to win a $25.00 gift card (donated by one of HCCS’ sponsors).

As of May 2017, HCCS will have been going steady for four years. This year, 2017, they have the privilege of receiving two grants (as well as many donations from local sponsors). To learn more about how you can be involved with HCCS or to find out what they’re up to, click here :

This year’s contenders were of a high-caliber. More than once, guest were at odds in their predictions of who would take each category. Some notable awards of the evening were: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them-Best Costume Design, Casey Affleck-Best Actor for Manchester by the Sea, Emma Stone-Best Actress for La La Land and lastly, Moonlight-Best Picture.

Manchester by the Sea was under the Amazon umbrella-this is a game changer. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Netflix or Hulu at the Oscars in the not too distant future. There were many firsts tonight. Thanks to HCCS for hosting.

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