It’s not always easy to let your reputation speak for itself, but it’s often the best course of action when unexpected conflicts arise.

Integrity isn’t something that shows up when push comes to shove, it’s central to how you carry yourself in all relationships and dealings regardless of the significance in your life.

You’ve probably been there. You want to scream to anyone who would listen about your innocence, how you’ve been wronged, and how heartbreaking your plight is. When we conduct ourselves with integrity, we can hold our heads high and allow our relationships to speak volumes.

This week, I’ve had the beautifully painful experience of this truth play out. By keeping private things private and treating everyone with the respect and care, when rumours started to fly—they came to my defence.

Make sure to cultivate those friendships and business relationships in a way that leaves you above reproach, because perception is reality.


with love



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