Writer Wednesday: Amy Jones

Five for Our Child




I will not see your first steps,
or rock you to sleep at night,
or teach you to play hymns

by the time you’re six. But

when we learn your name,

the first time we speak it
aloud, it will be with no

less reverence than when

we speak the name of God.

If you want, I will still sing you
the French lullabies my mother
sang to me.
(God, I hope you like my voice.)


We probably shouldn’t show you my poems.
Maybe no one will publish them,
or my wife and I will have a lot to explain.
Let’s hope you understand
we lived a hundred lives before yours
and are proud of just this one.


I starved every day I did not know
if I was enough for anybody.
The fact is
that I was not enough for my parents.
You are already enough.


If my feminist theologian friends are correct
and God is a woman,
you will have so many mothers.


God, I hope I am enough for you.

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