Ditch the scale as your indicator of success

Reminder to self, and anyone who needs it, trust the process non-scale victories help us when the scale isn't our friend. Here's the thing about weight loss coupled with strength training. You will gain weight as you lose mass. This is hard for those of us, most of us, who have been taught to focus... Continue Reading →

Pre and Post Natal Barre Blend Launches August 3

On Monday, August 3rd, Pre & Post Natal Barre Blend launches.

Why you need to start a home gym now.

You're at greater risk of getting Covid at the Gym

A Close Reading of Jordan Abel’s Injun

***If you are not familiar with Jordan's work, I cannot recommend him enough.*** The first portion of Injun is comprised of 509 instances of the slur occurring in the master source text Abel created. He used the "find" function on his word processor after copying and pasting 91 open-sourced old western manuscripts into one large... Continue Reading →

I’m Not Waiting Anymore

Something that grieves my soul, enrages my spirit, and makes me groan, growl, swear out loud is when you're in a discussion with someone either in person or online and they keep moving the goal post. If you're not familiar with this term, picture the comment section where someone responds to your post with a... Continue Reading →

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