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What can I do about the climate crisis?

by Carolyn Soucie

What can I do about Climate Change?
1) Stop being lazy
2) Stop being a coward
3) Educate myself and pass it on!

Lets explore laziness. Its lazy of me to not vote. Its lazy of me to not look into which candidates/parties have the greenest platforms. example: Its lazy of me not to try and avoid plastics at all cost. Its lazy of me if I “like” a post but NEVER DO ANYTHING to change my ways. Its lazy if I just read the above suggestions (some of which are great. David Suzuki .org is a good start) but I’m not really going to make any changes because it will inconvenience me. The sad face emoji and the like button are not going to save this world. Back that up with action! Yes I know its hard but it can be done! Bad habits can be broken. I can make changes. Its lazy of me not to plan my week with more meat free meals. Its lazy of me to point the finger at the government. Who do I think put them in power? Its lazy of me to point the finger at corporations. Corporations go where the money is. And who’s money did they get rich and powerful from? I can vote with my dollars!

Am I a coward? I’m a coward when I don’t speak up. If I see something that isnt’ right I must speak up! I’m a coward when I don’t vote. I’m a coward when I’m not willing to try something new and do things differently for the betterment of the planet. I’m a coward when I don’t want to inconvenience others by asking directly for what I want. Eg: no plastic at grocery stores or pulling that store manager aside and asking him for what you want. I’m a coward (and a hypocrite) if I don’t’ stand by my convictions. Eg: I can ditch that grocery store and support local butcher or farmer! <–make sure you let them know why you ditched them!

Educate myself about what’s going on. What’s in my food? (eg: palm oil) Where does it come from? Listen to the scientists. Check my facts. Ask questions!! Get involved. Do the research. Go see for yourself. Learn from others. Ask for help. When you gain knowledge pass it on! Scream it from the mountain tops if you have to. 

We don’t have time to dick around anymore.