Canada’s LGBTQ+ Protections: Why FB comments backfire.

When Canadian conservatives get SUPER aggressive and upset at corporations and businesses showing support for the LGBTQ+ community I can't help but shake my head.  Y'all know LGBTQ+ people have protected charter rights? These business are standing with them, on the right side of the law, and saying "we're a safe place."  So when you... Continue Reading →

Reflection on ‘Why aren’t fake Indigenous art makers going to jail in Canada?’

Below are exerpts from a piece recently published on The Discourse. Through intense investigation, and sometimes facing horrific apathy from business owners, Francesca Fionada highlights the practice of commodifying a culture. Undercover agents, search warrants and traceable forensic ink — all part of a multi-year investigation that ultimately busted an international crime ring moving millions of... Continue Reading →

I deleted Facebook

CW: Depression. Suicide. Two weeks ago, I took a break from Facebook. I posted well in advance that I was taking a break from it for probably a month. My selfcontrol around social media, specifically Facebook and the comments (oh the comments) was exacerbating my current mental health slump. So I said enough and backed... Continue Reading →

Mother’s Day: Gender and Trauma

There are many reasons why this day is hard for me. I know it's difficult for others too. I see you and I support you. For those of us who have difficult relationships with our mothers, this day can bring up a lot of past trauma, harmful thought patterns, and a general feeling of grief.... Continue Reading →


When I read the news yesterday morning that Rachel Held Evans had lost her fight in hospital against unexpected sudden illness, I was beyond shocked. In one instant, I was angry, hurt, hopeless, tearful, afraid, and ultimately unable to express my profound loss. I didn't know Rachel personally, but have had the privilege of interacting... Continue Reading →

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