More than data on a page

I am collecting stories of Canadians that routinely and systemically have their voices ignored.

They are the Canadians that make 0.00 to 10,000.00 and the Canadians that can’t afford homes. They are the Canadians that select “other” when a survey asks for their gender. I’m searching for the Canadians that are under 18 and over 55. The disabled Canadians. The disenfranchised Canadians. I’m searching for the LGBTQ+ Canadians.

The immigrant Canadians. The Indigenous Canadians. The Canadians of colour.

These are the largest and yet most underrepresented and underfunded groups in Canada.

Are you one of these Canadians?

Story is powerful.

Videos go viral because we connect with them on some level. Imagine if your story, and the stories of a hundred others like you, were amplified instead of locked in a data base of numbers and statistics.

Imagine how policy and practice could change if people heard the struggles and triumphs of what it means to be one of those data segments.

What are Canada’s seniors facing when they have to choose between medication and food?

How does a person of colour working retail in Canada experience the world differently that a middle class business owner?

How can art and performance poetry serve as a vehicle to raise awareness and engage society?

What if Census Canada could actually Sense Us?

Share your story

I’m seeking anonymous voice recordings and conducting interviews for a large scale sound poetry project. If you’re interested, please visit the Contact Us page for more information.